They call it a 'comfort zone' for a reason but often a comfort zone is just a routine, so my conclusion is that it's a good idea to hold regular 'comfort zone' reviews in order to eradicate falling into any sort of rut.

I have been wearing the same foundation for at least 8 years, simply because I like it, it works for me and in the past I have found the process of testing new foundations to be too much like hard work. They cost a lot of money and who wants to waste £20-£40 on something that doesn't get worn - not me.

However being a blogger means trying new things out, reviewing them and testing barriers. So last weekend while deciding on a birthday gift for my fiance I had a walk around the trusty make up counter section of House of Frazer Milton Keynes.

I am a loyal MAC Cosmetics fan and use lots of their products but have never sampled anything from Nars, so when the Nars make up artist approached me I had lots of questions for her. I soon found out that Nars is MAC's number one competitor, which made sense as the brands have a similar feel and similar looking products. Soon enough I was on the stool trying out some products - I'm not sure how this happened ;0)

Next thing I know I've had a full make up application and feel pampered and radiant. I decided to break myself in gently, not because I wasn't impressed with Nars but because I am in no way make-up shy at the moment. I loved all of the products that were used on me and the lovely Nars artist wrote them down so I can go back and drip feed my purchases. But for now I went with something right outside of my face base comfort zone - a sheer glow foundation.

Perhaps stemming from my teenage days, I always feel quite self-conscious when I have a shiny face, I don't want to look in any way greasy so have previously always gone for matt finish make up products. Until my visit to the Nars counter that is when I had explained to me the benefits of 'glow'. It all makes sense now - 'healthy glow', 'radiant glow' etc are all phases we are familiar with but never resonated with me that I should give it a go.

It's nice to embrace a different base look and I was told that very evening by my fiance and best friend that i looked younger - whoooop! It may have also been something to do with my teenage hippy pink hair dip dye look but either way I has happy to take that compliment.

I purchased Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Medium1 Punjab - £29.50 for 30ml. It's a great foundation for me providing a glowing, satin-finish with sheer and buildable coverage that immaculately evens skin tone.