A couple of months ago I purchased my very first Cowshed products, my cleanser and toner were coming to an end so decided to get my hands on the Lavender Gentle Cleanser and Chamomile Refreshing Toner as I'd been eyeing up this brand for ages.

I generally use a gentle toner as I still use a face wash at the beginning of my daily skin care routine, who knows if that is the best thing for my skin but I always feel much cleaner after actually washing my face.

This cleanser is a huge hit with me, it smells absolutely divine, takes any remaining traces of make-up and dirt straight off and is the perfect catalyst for a good nights sleep. The lavender puts you straight into a comfortable, dreamy mood ready to drift off into a peaceful nights sleep. You NEED to smell this product.

The Chamomile Refreshing Toner works well as a toner but for me the Chamomile fragrance lets it down. Yes the anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Chamomile are fantastic but the smell (in my opinion) is not! I love this range but this product was a fail for me.

The ingredients are botanical and free from paraben, petrochemical and sulphate which is a hit with our resident skin care guru Carrie. Cowshed only use naturally occurring colours and fragrance which mean you can feel totally at one with nature when using them, they are typically 80% Organic and are completely suitable for vegetarians.

I guess this is a 50/50 product review but that's down to personal taste and not dissatisfaction with the product. Cowshed the brand are bang on as far as I'm concerned and I definitely plan to try more of their products, starting with the ~Skinny Cow range and maybe a trip to Babington House if the boyf decides to whisk me away for a weekend of pampering (hint).