Our next hero is Salicylic Acid. Used commonly and widely in the treatment of acne. ACNE???!!!! Extreme you think? Actually, not. Adult acne is so common nowadays that a lot of us are suffering from it at some point be it mild or raging. Its main cause is stress which rings true for so many women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. When we are stressed, our bodies omit a hormone which unfortunately causes our skin cells to hyper produce. They build up under the skin and cause painful, itchy, hard lumpy spots which are high in redness and usually present around the jaw line, anywhere up to the ear and even down onto the throat. To treat these we must soothe and calm them topically and break down the skin cells gently underneath.

This is where the salicylic acid comes in. It is an ingredient to be used only when needed. If you read Abby’s post about her glycolic face wash you’ll know that she over used a specialised ingredient and parched her skin. This should have been made clear to her when it was prescribed. Below are a few key products that contain this angelic acid to have handy for when these nasty breakouts hit us unexpectedly overnight....! 

  • Dermalogica Overnight clearing gel. £39.50 (50ml) This lasts almost forever, sits in your bathroom cabinet until you need it and NEVER lets you down. I could not live without it. Its as sound an investment as your mulberry :0) Just apply a small amount before bed and let the salicylic acid perform it’s gentle magic whilst you sleep.*

  • Dermalogica concealing spot treatment £30.50 (10ml) Apply a tiny amount to your spots after moisturising but before make up to enhance your coverage AND add a little dose of our hero ingredient to work on calming, soothing and removing the offending article whilst you power through the day like superwoman!!!!


*Overuse of a product containing salicylic acid can cause dryness, flakiness and sensitivity. It is an extremely active ingredient so must only be used when needed.