British Weather.  This is where I get quite frustrated.  I love HOT, or I love COLD.  I don’t love wet, I don’t love snow, although probably will more so now that I have a child that will undoubtedly love it this year (we probably won’t get any now).

However, I don’t love winter clothes shopping.  Why? Because I was quite near the front of the queue when him up there handed out the boobs. I was totally flat chested until I was about 18, then literally woke up one morning and all of a sudden couldn’t wear vest tops without a bra or strapless tops.

So whilst I love the thought of wearing oversized thick knit jumpers with my skinnies and Uggs or Hunters (still yet to buy some, but feel they are warranted now that I have a little person to jump in puddles with), I dread going shopping for them.  Round necks leave too big an expanse from my neck to my chest, and I am quite broad shouldered too, so I just look really big and awkward, and the chunkier the knit, the bigger my boobs and waist look.  I also used to love wearing fine knit polo necks, having my hair back in a tight ponytail and having nice smokey eyes, but again, boobage now makes me look like a sack of potatoes in this get up.

Last year GAP was my ‘go to’ winter shop. 1) because I think they are so reasonably priced and all their stuff seems to work well on me and 2) because they didn’t solely concentrate on round necks, they had those loose slouchy wide necks, boat necks, and slash necks.  So today whilst waiting for a phonecall to come that never happened (another bug bear of mine) I had a nosey on the Internet. I was disappointed to find nothing that would work for me really, apart from the one below, which is from New Look with a swallow print on it.  The gorgeous cable knits, and fisherman style knits are so in style right now, but they just can’t work on someone with my size chest in my opinion.  So please, if you have seen any lovely jumpers, with maybe a bit of detail on, send some links my way, otherwise I simply won’t be able to leave my house due to possible pneumonia setting in.