I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a Halloween special type of Rose, and as a girl who has flowers in the house every week, this was of course something I was delighted to accept, so I thank Andy from Interflora wholeheartedly for the beautiful flowers I received to review.  

When I received them they were in a huge Interflora black box which on peeking inside I could see them glowing, I did take a picture but unfortunately the iphone isn’t quite up to scratch for taking pictures in the dark.  So I opened them up and discovered 12 beautiful cream roses with a beautiful fragrance bursting out.  They have a slight tinge of green around the edges, which on closer inspection is the solution they have been dusted with to transform them into glow in the dark pretty spooktacular (see what I did there?) beauties.

When I asked Andy who sent me them, what the secret was he told me  “they use a top secret patented formula to achieve their unique glow”  

We like to think it is a little bit of Halloween Magic!

I’m sorry the picture isn’t better, I’m not a photographer, and without a flash they are really hard to photograph and obviously with a flash you can’t see them glowing, but please take my word for it, these are really unique!


below are the pics from Interflora where they actually do have a decent photographer!

Please note I think the glowing picture may have been enhanced digitally, but they are still spectacular.

These are limited edition only available between now and 31st October, and from Interflora only.  They start at £44.99 for 12 standard size roses but you can ask for Large and Extra Large ones which are extra.  They are delivered on a next day basis.   For more info visit www.interflora.co.uk