Following on from hero ingredients I have been thinking it might be good to raise awareness on what not to use on our skin. These days we try to avoid the foods that can cause health problems (well, most of the time!) but do we know what we’re putting into our bodies topically through our skin? Whether your skin care routine mirrors that of the founder of Clarins or not we all use cosmetics to some degree.

  • ·       First nasty is called PABA (para aminobonzoic acid) This is found in sunscreens. It can cause quite nasty skin irritation and stain fabrics so it’s best to avoid products for face and body that contain it, whether it’s for you or your family, children especially. I’m about to fly to Malta for a week of sun and this has made me check my sun care! Luckily I have packed my trusty Dermalogica Mulitivitamin Body Block spf20 and my Ultra Sensitive Face Block spf25 for our skin and they are both PABA free!
  • ·       Artificial colours and fragrance are also up there in causing skin irritation. Did you know the word ‘fragrance’ is used to brush over almost 4,000 synthetic, skin damaging ingredients on the back of products. That’s quite frightening.
  • ·       Lanolin/mineral oil- both derivatives of petroleum. They coat the skin rather than absorb thus causing blockages in pores and can also lead to sensitivity as the skin is unable to breath. Baby oil is a mineral oil. So many people use this product on themselves and their babies. It isn’t good for the skin. Opt for a natural product. Organic raw coconut oil is the hero in our household. We have a massive jar by a company called Veridien. It solidifies in colder temperatures and melts when warmed. My son and I use it cold as a body butter and i cook with it as it’s a wonderfully healthy fat. It’s pricey at £17.95 for 500gbut it’s well worth it and lasts absolutely ages. I’d say i buy three per year.


So we need to start reading the back of products the way we do foods! Even high end product houses use some nasties because they have to preserve the shelf life of their products but the ingredients listed above are a good start to putting less bad stuff into our bodies through the skin.

If only somebody could make organic, bespoke, completely natural products to order?  Well actually I know somebody who does! I am currently testing some products that have been tailor made to my needs by a very gifted lady and am very excited to blog the results for you so I can recommend cosmetics which are free from potentially harmful ingredients.... Watch this space people xxxx