I came across Timothy Dunn candles a few months ago, as always like to keep an eye on the competition with any brand I work for.  In my most recent job at l’Artisan Parfumeur of which I was lucky enough to take lots of the candles home, I got a bit of an unhealthy obsession for burning candles properly (there is an art to it you know) and always having one burning in one room or another.

Once I find a brand I like, I always take a look at their website at least once a month, especially when I am not London based for work, and this week I have come across this beautiful candle, and what is even more beautiful is that EVERY penny of profit made from these candle sales will be going to the Breast Cancer Care charity. (that works out at £18 per sale which is HUGE)

This Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Blue Rose Candle is encased in a gorgeous pink glass holder; the scent is fresh and floral with rosewater notes, dewy violets, sugared raspberry and contemporary rich-red Moroccan rose accord, expertly combined with an array of elegant sensual musks enhanced with nuances of heady orange flower, cedar and fresh green tea.   I haven’t smelt it yet, and have taken most of this description from their site, but it has made me desperate to have one.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to find someone who doesn’t know someone that is fighting, has fought successfully or has lost a battle against one awful cancer or another, so if there are any candle lovers out there, that are debating where to buy your next one from, go here and know that you may be helping someone more than you will ever know.  http://www.timothydunnlondon.com/blue-rose-breast-cancer-care