First of all I’d like to say how excited I am to be a part of this wonderful blog... I love reading it myself and now I hope I can be as helpful as the wonderful Clare and Abby.

After reading the post on her hydrated skin rescue, I got to thinking about how many clients I see with a skin emergency on, literally, a daily basis and how much advice/product recommendations I give out.  I loved how Abby listed and explained the main ingredient that helped her skin to recover and I thought it would be good to write about ingredients which help AND hinder our skin to give you the tool of knowledge, straight from the professional , to make informed skincare decisions for yourselves... This week I have two HERO ingredients to start your skin care fountain of knowledge gushing away....!!!!

Hydration hell!

I’ll start by re-iterating Abby’s hero ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid. Not only does this hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, it is worth its weight in gold when it comes to giving your skin the gulp of drink it needs.

 We ALL suffer from some sort of dehydration because of daily environmental factors. Heating, air con, being in the sun, being in the cold... you can’t really avoid it. Even the oiliest skins dehydrate.  Dehydration manifests itself by creating small, fine, brickwork-like lines on the skin. WRINKLES??? I hear you scream? No. These are NOT wrinkles and can easily be eradicated by applying the right products. It is not to be confused with a dry skin. This is where the skin lacks OIL. Dehydration is a lack of MOISTURE. Easily restored by using a product rich in hyaluronic acid. Abby said that her hydraluron ‘gold plated’ her moisturiser to bring her skin back to health. I could kiss her for this phrase! (I will be stealing that for my clients)

Below I am listing some key products that I know can help to restore hydration. Forgive me for naming mainly professional brands but I will only tell you what I KNOW will help.....

  • Clarins hydra quench intensive serum bi phase £40.00 (30ml) I’m using this at the moment in a tester and I’m buying a full size this weekend... it’s amazing

  • Gatineau Aquamemory moisture replenish concentrate. £39.50(50ml)

Look out for my HERO ingredient number two coming later this week, but for now get ‘gold plating’ those moisturisers girls for smooth, dewy, fine line free, hydrated skin. xxxx