Crowdsourced advice on your look, before you go out.


How many times have you been getting ready to go out and wondered, "Do I look good in this?"

...and wished you could ask your friends?

How many times have you then tried to describe that Marc Jacobs cranberry dress over the phone but thought, "This isn't doing it justice."

Let me introduce your saviour.....

Go Try It On is a website and iPhone app [iTunes link] that enables users to get real-time feedback on their outfits before they make a purchase or leave their bedrooms.


Both the website and app have a sleek, easy-to-use interface. Users can upload photos from their desktops or iPhones, or snap one on the spot with a webcam, and ask the community (or, if they prefer, a private set of friends) to approve a particular look or help them choose the best of three options.

Fashion Femme and friends will be trialing Go Try It On this weekend, let us know if you do too and how it works out for you....we hope to avoid any 'bum looking big in that' comments!