Love or hate 'that' fascinator, it could now by yours!

Princess Bea (we shook hands in New York last year, she's fine with my familiarity ;0) has decided to auction the Philip Treacy creation on eBay to raise money for UNICEF and Children in Crisis charities.

The hat instantly grabbed headlines, became an Internet sensation and the focus on several Facebook fan pages when showcased at the Wedding of Prince William to Duchess Catherine last week.

Beatrice is quite a fan of unusual headpeices but whether you love her style choices or not, you can't knock the girl for doing a bit of charity work.

Bad fashion choice aside, she's a lovely girl and was very polite when we bowled over to her in Saks after stalking her through the racks of the very pricey ladies wear department. She shook our hands and congratulated us on our engagement, and for that I forgive her little fashion faux pas.