SATC2 is on it's way, due for release on 28/05/2010.


I am very excited about this even though I did find the first film something of a disappointment in comparison to the much loved series.

Probably adding to my excitement is the fact that I actually ran into my fav SATC man BIG last September when my real life fav man took me to NYC to propose.

Ahhh, how amazing that trip was and how completely star struck I was to meet Chris Noth. And oh dear how embarrassing it is to think back to the words that spilt out of my mouth when I spoke to him...Yes, I turned into a socially inept, teenage fantasy crush ridden fool:

Me: "OMG I love, errr, obviously I don't love you, I don't know you but what I mean is I love your character, not actually you who I have only just met."

C.N: Clearly feeling sorry for me poses for a picture, congratulates us on our engagement and promptly escapes into the Greenwich Village night.


P.S. He is even more gorgeous in real life but obviously not as gorgeous as my very own John James Preston ;0)