As I type into Google 'fashionable maternity wear' imagine my delight when I find that one of my favourite yummy mummies Nicole Richie has unveiled a maternity fashion line for A Pea in the Pod that will go on sale tomorrow!

Firstly I had never even heard of A Pea in the Pod, so it's a great stylish maternity wear website to know and secondly what a refreshing change since my first pregnancy 6 years ago when all I seemed to be able to find was the odd dowdy high street maternity section tucked at the back of the store.

Nicole sailed through her first pregnancy never failing to look stylish so this move seems a natural one for the Hollywood fashionista who is currently pregnant with her second child.



Taking heed from her own much-praised signature style, the collection features flowing maxi dresses (Richie's pregnancy staple), billowing peasant tops and slouchy tees.

Commenting on the collaboration, Richie revealed, 'Pea in the Pod is such a known company for pregnant women. They carry great lines, and so when they asked me to create a line for them, I was really excited and eager to do it.'

And naturally, the design process was close to her heart: 'You really feel like you have to change your whole wardrobe. And that's the last thing a woman wants to go through. So I really tried to make this line to get women excited  about wearing maternity clothes.'

So for all you 'expanding' ladies out there, tomorrow is an exciting day, make sure you check out the collection and start to dress to impress and celebrate that bump.