Summer is here and it's hot enough to get the legs out and fall in love once again with those pretty summer dresses hanging at the back of the wardrobe.

And so we are faced with the great summer skin question..pale and interesting or tanned à la Grecian goddess?

My opinion is that both look good but it very much depends on the individuals style, I have a cousin who is very much an English/Irish rose and looks stunning with her striking red hair and light complexion, this teamed with her classic yet edgy style means she is a gold medalist for the no tan team.

Personally, I think I look better with a tan but I am happy to achieve this look without becoming a slave to sun beds and am seriously keen to avoid the 'Tango'd look that can be seen far too frequently these days.

I have tried many self tanning products over the years, some of which have had disastrous consequences....Last summer, I remember having to go out with purple hands one evening, not a good look! Other products have been okay but often a bit on the expensive side, or the worst trait of fake tan imaginable - the dreaded streaks.

So let me introduce you to my new best self tan friend, the L’Oréal Nutrisummer range. Enriched with active moisturising agents it moisturises your skin for up to 8 hours and enables you to gradually obtain a natural-looking tan with regular applications. Nutrisummer mist spray particles are so fine the formula barely wets the skin, so there is no need to rub it in and almost no need to wait before getting dressed. 

There is even a tone up product in the range designed to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite..

...L’Oréal, I salute you :0)