I love Virgin, the brand, the ad campaigns, the experience and of course the man behind it all Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard, who was knighted in 1999 for his services to entrepreneurship, can only be described as a business legend with countless ventures under his belt and no doubt more to come in the future.

Virgin is an uber fashionable brand and Sir Richard has natural style, he exudes confidence without arrogance. Even back in 1984 (the decade of fashion faux pas) he looks great photographed next to his Scarlet Lady.

From the inaugural flight, VS1 from Gatwick to Newark, New Jersey on 22nd June 1984 to 38 aircraft flying six million people a year to 30 destinations around the world - that's pretty good going in my book!

So 2009 brings Virgin Atlantic's 25th Birthday and a multitude of special offers and birthday celebrations to mark this momentous occasion.

If you haven't yet seen the anniversary TV advert then feast your eyes on this sexy piece of VT......

The proverbial icing on the cake saw Sir Richard Branson on the wing of one of the fleets Boeing 747s with supermodel Kate Moss, looking stunning dressed in the Virgin Scarlet Lady playsuit and posing for cameras before the flight took off bound for New York recreating the companies very first flight 25 years ago to the exact day.

There is no doubting that this businessman knows how to do things in style.

Happy Birthday Virgin Atlantic - love from Fashion Femme.xx