Love her or hate her, Peaches Geldof seems to be promoting herself in a positive, healthy way as the new face of Ultimo underwear.

At the fair age of 20 this girl has many business ventures under her belt, she pens various fashion columns, is a fashion designer for PPQ and even has her own line of ethical jewellery.

Ultimo exec Michelle Mone knew she had to have Peaches after she saw topless photos of her in News of the World. "Peaches was the perfect choice for this campaign," she tells the Daily Mail. "She's young, edgy with lashings of style." And lashings of tattoos and come-hither gazes. Peaches says her father hasn't seen the pictures yet, but that's okay because she's old and wise and can do what she damn well pleases.

'I'm a 20-year-old woman not a 13-year-old girl. I'm glad I can earn money like this...

...Peaches added: 'I'd rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model.'

Rather me than an anorexic model, says Peaches Geldof as she poses for lingerie label [Daily Mail]