Former Vogue health and beauty director Kathy Phillips is the creative force behind this works, the brand launched in 2004 with a view to create a sophisticated Aromatherapy range, designed to deliver what it promised on the bottle with a fresh and modern look.

Five years on and with many prestigious industry awards in place, this works is now sold in multiple countries with a successful eCommerce site - The flagship store is located in London’s Chelsea Green and the range is also available in major department stores, luxury independent retailers and online boutiques.

So what's special about this works?

Well it's not difficult to come up with an answer to this question, the difficulty in fact is to limit the response...

..after using clean skin, perfect cleavage, super moisture and turbo balm I can testify that the ingredients feel pure, soft and seem to care for my skin in a way that I have rarely experienced. The essential oils used are blended to perfection and leave me with a feeling of serenity - not to be underestimated first thing in the morning.

The brand is not only atheistically pleasing but really does seem to deliver what is promised on the packet and at prices that will allow you to  indulge....and who doesn't need a little indulgence every now and again?

Throughout May this works are offering Fashion Femme readers 25% off their products bought online. Just enter FFTW9 into the Promo Code box at the checkout and enjoy the results.