There's nothing like cold weather to play havoc with your skin, the addition of central heating and long hot showers may feel great but they only add to the drying out process. Currently I am contending with very dry seasonal skin along with the impact of being pregnant, in short my skin is screaming out for help!

In my quest to find products I can rely on, one brand always ticks the boxes...

..Dove, with its extensive product range and reasonable pricing it was time to get to know this family a little better.

Over the past few weeks I have been trialing these products and the results have been fantastic, my skin lapped up the attention and is feeling much softer - so let me share:

Dove Pro-age Body Creme Oil 

This was by far my favourite product for my legs, its rich, luxurious formula doesn't just settle on the top layers but really targets deep within the skin to tackle very dry skin.

Dove Intensive Lotion for extra dry skin.

A non-greasy intensive moisturiser with a light fresh fragrance, I found this better suited for the top half of my body. My skin drank it up and the benefits were clearly visible.

Dove Beauty Care Body Wash 

All I want from a body wash are three simple things: a fresh, clean/light fragrance, value for money and some serious bubbles. This product was a hit for the whole family.

Dove Supreme Silk Lotion 

I didn't get this as a trio pack but having found this little beauty of a gift I could only recommend it as a introduction to revitalised skin for you or as a stocking filler this Christmas.

Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks

If only all deodorants offered anti white marks, I mean why not? This I will definitely buy again, how nice it was not to have to baby wipe myself to remove the tell tale white deodorant marks we get when rushing to get ready for a night out.

All of the products mentioned above are available online and from larger branches of Boots, Sainsburys and  other selected Supermarkets. You can view the full product range at

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