There is only so much abuse the body can take before it begins to show and this is certainly the case for Ms Wine(ware)house these days.

It has been common knowledge for some time now that she likes to partake in the odd drug binge and even longer that she drinks like a fish, in and out of rehab she goes but just as we think she is making progress she plunges to a whole new depth of depravity.

The talent, the waste! Few of us would be surprised to pick up a paper to see the tragic news that Amy Winehouse has overdosed. Will she ever come to her senses and stop killing herself?

I think the media can help with less publicity and comments on pictures of Amy, homing in on how she looks and the very apparent and speedy decline in her looks.

Nobody likes to be seen looking bad, hell I've even requested photo's be taken off Facebook where I don't look my best. Amy has to look at pictures this and decide to make a change.

Above - Amy looking healthy, her hair shines and her skin is radiant.

Below - Amy looking haggered and like Magda from There's Something About Mary, her skin hangs and she looks old.

Winehouse%20looking%20bad.png      Magda.png


She used to shine, now she mings...