Posh%20Bad%20Boobs%203.pngWhatever your opinion on cosmetic surgery you have to admit that some surgery looks better than others. Some jobs look great and others ropey, so what does this come down to, Money? Surgeon? Personal Taste? I guess it has to be a combination of all...


Clearly Posh has the money but look at the dodgy, hoiked up implants here -  


Pay particular attention to her left boob, and tell me why she did not hot foot it back to the clinic to demand this be sorted.


 I am sure that she would hate this comment but I think she is looking a little rough round the edges à la Jodie Marsh here....







And at the other end of the spectrum with (in my eyes) a very natural but voluptuous job, not that she has admitted to this is Mel B.


Another Brit who very publicly underwent breast enhancement surgery and came out looking brilliant is Gemma Atkinson..









So what is going on here? Bad surgeon/good surgeon, implant life span, or poor taste?