BB9%20Alexandra.pngOkay so technically this article has NOTHING to do with fashion and style but I do like to mix things up a bit with some topical gossip and I know you all love it as much as me!

You don't even have to be watching the show to have heard about BB9's super bitch Alexandra De-Gale as her name has been catapulted out there for all the wrong reasons.

The way this girl has behaved is totally unacceptable, she really needs to watch the footage of herself as she is currently in denial, it's like she is totally blinkered and has no perception of right and wrong and how to behave in general.

What makes Alexandra even more disgusting is her opinion of herself, Yes it's good to love yourself but she is on a whole other level...

Take note of this girls audition video, she says and I quote 'I don't think I'm it, I am it'.

Firstly what is IT Alexandra? and secondly you are nothing but a rude, aggressive, nasty, unfashionable, unattractive, lowlife who needs to seriously think about re-adressing the values you are instilling onto a child.

I think I am echoing the feelings of the nation when I say good riddance.