As the weather begins to hot up it is time to start considering shedding clothes and this can be a delicate matter for the following two reasons:

  • Nobody wants to see flabby, pale excess skin.
  • Flabby, pale excess skin does not look good spilling out of ill fitting clothes.

With this in mind swim wear must be selected with the utmost care and consideration and even used as a 'carrot on string' type tool for us to work towards on the run up to that first beachwear outing of the season.

I bought my 2008 Bikini in April and have it as a constant reminder that I will only adorn this tiny but beautiful creation if I manage to tone those winter wobbles. If I fail to tone then it will stay in the bag, as this purchase is too good to be ruined by unsightly flab!

So lets look at some shining examples of what to wear on the beach as the summer kicks in and lets not forget that no matter what your size you must accentuate your good bits - do this by selecting hot pants instead of briefs and even going for this seasons popular 50's style swimsuit also try out different styles, the bandu top looks great on tall slim frames.....Lets experiment ladies and go for a touch of glamour.

Topshop%20stripe%20bikininormal.jpg Figleaves%20halterneck%20swimsuit-p560496-style.jpg  Miss%20tam%20tam%20figleaves-p571933-style.jpg  Accesorize%20bikini%20top_s.jpg Accessorize%20bikini%20bottom_m.jpg       ASOS%20Brown%20spot%20bikini.jpg