Hi girls,

I have added a discussion area to the website where you can have a chat with me and other users about anything fashion related. To get it started I have created 3 topics, please join in the discussion or add your own.

    * Discussion 1 - Stella McCartney
      On the whole, I just don't like her stuff. Yes she produces the odd nice item but this is rare. Am I on my own here or are her designs massively overrated?

      Discuss Stella McCartney here

    * Discussion 2 - Cowl Neck
      So named because they actually do make you cowl at the thought of having to wear one? Do they ever work?

      Discuss the Cowl Neck here

    * Discussion 3 - High Waisted Trousers
      What do we think? There is a seriously fine line between chic and clown here, especially when you add braces to the equation. Can this look à la Carrie Bradshaw be carried off by the average high street gal?

      Discuss High Waisted Trousers here

Look forward to chatting with you,

Clare x