I know it was touch and go that the ceremony would go ahead and that with this in mind the outfits may have been last minute BUT I am still shocked by the overall lack of inspiration in the outfits this year.

Worst outfit award has to go to the ever 'individual' (not in a good way) Tilde Swinton. What is she thinking? And what were Lanvin thinking? Bin bag-esque dress and no make up do nothing for her already scary look. Seriously, someone should have said something - has she no friends?? 

Other 'shockers' include;

Julie Christie wearing some sort of 80's Ball/Bridesmaid dress. The dress itself can almost be forgiven but for the gloves and shoes she must be publicly stoned tomorrow at dawn.

Faye Dunaway wearing Pamela Rowland. Note to the more mature lady - skin tight is not the look for you, stick to tailored to promote sophistication.

And last but not least Calista Flockhart. I almost feel bad putting her in this category but she has to learn to dress that scrawny looking body to her advantage. Exposing skeletal shoulders is not a sexy look, she would benefit from cuff sleeves no end and what prey tell is that hair style about? I feel she is letting Harrison down here and that is not good.

Julie_Christie_442003a.jpg  Faye_Dunaway_441990a.jpg  Caista-Flockheart_10_0.xlarger.jpg