The shoe-boot is this season's "it" accessory. To qualify as a shoe-boot, it must end well below ankle-sock level, the top must be higher at the back than the front and it should trace a line under the anklebone. The heel should be as high as you can manage. These shoes mean business.

I remember shopping with a friend about 5 months ago, we were in Selfidges looking at the shoes when she picked up a Chanel shoe boot and said to me 'Idon't care how fashionable they become you will never see me in a pair, they are wrong!'. My response was to 'never say never' but I did kind of agree with her.

So imagine my surprise when I find myself toying with the idea of purchasing a pair....I haven't gone as far as to try any on yet, I will have to work up to that - possibly because I think I may burst out laughing when I see myself in them!

I think shoe boots may be more suited to the shorter ladies out there but we shall see...Christian-Louboutin-shoe-boot-4946.jpg