Belts, the bigger the better right now.

This is great for a large percentage of us because no-matter what size you are the idea is to show off your shape. And how better to do this in a flattering way than with a belt.

Whether you are size 8 or 18, your waist will be smaller than your hips-I hope.

The good thing about wearing a belt with an outfit is that you don't have to wear fitted clothes so therefore you can accentuate the parts you want to without drawing attention to those parts you are not so happy with. I have recently got out a few dresses which hadn't seen the light of day for a year or so to try with a new thick belt - instant new outfit in one case = very happy me and bank manager!

There are some really lovely belts around at the moment at very reasonable prices; ASOS has a great selection definitely worth checking out

This one below only £12VBBELT4xl.jpg.