Okay it's a tad pricey but it is without doubt worth it!

I invested in a few bits a couple of years ago (including a Waspie...back to this in a moment) and can testify that the quality of the goods is second to none and the shopping experience in itself, truly unique.

I decided to nip out in my lunch break with a friend to collect some items for a burlesque party and lets just say that it was a good thing I was the boss or I would have probably got a fair telling off for the extra hour I took.

The shop was full of beautiful, interesting and eye opening items and the sales assistants are perfectly picked for their job. They must love going to work, dressing up in vampy attire to assist with anything from the embarrassed boyfriend to the flamboyant dominatrix.

The Waspie (see above) is a type of corset without the bra and is perfect worn underneath a shirt to give you an hour glass appearance, it also assists with good posture and in turn gives a more ladylike appearance.


So valentines day is around the corner but even if it was 12 months away I would advise you to own something from Agent Provocateur and when you go, go with a girlfriend and make sure you take over the dressing rooms for at least an hour...it will take you that long to get into some of the corsets!