Perfect Cleavage

Perfect Cleavage

Just a quickie to share with you all - one of my long standing, trusty products of choice.

This Works Perfect Cleavage is something I have been using for a few years now. I am prone to uneven skin tones on my chest and neck area so often want to want to improve the appearance.

Perfect Cleavage promises to deeply nourish, combat fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin feeling firmer and visibly more radiant.



A couple of months ago I purchased my very first Cowshed products, my cleanser and toner were coming to an end so decided to get my hands on the Lavender Gentle Cleanser and Chamomile Refreshing Toner as I'd been eyeing up this brand for ages.

I generally use a gentle toner as I still use a face wash at the beginning of my daily skin care routine, who knows if that is the best thing for my skin but I always feel much cleaner after actually washing my face.

Hey, sweet cheeks.... Are you ready for the fine one one?

Hey, sweet cheeks.... Are you ready for the fine one one?

A couple of months ago I made a makeup purchase... (nothing new there) I saw beauty bloggers going mental on twitter about the launch of the new Benefit product ‘Fine One One’ and I knew I needed a slice of this pie... I don’t know about you but I tend to fall superficially in love with a new product. I think it’s the impromptu excitement buzz of being a beauty mad shopaholic. So I buy something, rave about it for a few days then realise it might not have been that great after all... Not this time! This is the cheek version of the touché éclat!!!!! For me anyway...

Why are you putting petrol on your lips????

Why are you putting petrol on your lips????

It was during a routine waxing appointment earlier this week with a regular (and much loved) client of mine that I realised it is high time I got on my soap box about lip care. 

“Carrie, I suffer from dry lips all throughout the winter and its really getting me down.”  I asked her what lip product she was using and she came back with “Vaseline” SAY NO MORE!!!!!!!  I replied with “what do you expect?  You’re using an ingredient with the word PETROL in its name. “

Petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania, USA on oil rigs. It collected on the rigs as a bi-product of the oil collection, annoying workers as it made machinery malfunction. 

It's a Saint Germain Kinda Day

It's a Saint Germain Kinda Day

Today I am wearing M.A.C high gloss nail lacquer in Saint Germain. I bought it last weekend as it made me think of Spring.

Now that the snow has cleared and January is behind us thoughts of warm Spring days are in my mind. It's a day dreamy kind of colour....

I finally did it!

I finally did it!

I've been talking about it for ages and trying all sorts of different mascaras in the mean time but last week I finally booked in for eyelash extensions. 

It must have been around a year ago that I noticed my friend Carrie looking fully lash-a-licious and when I enquired she told me about the wonderful Sonia who applied them for her. Not long after that I noticed a few more friends with super vixen lashes and decided I needed to jump on the eyelash express!

My Boohoo Boots

Towards the end of last year I placed my first order with after having a little browse and spotting these boots. I was looking for a pair of comfortable, easy to wear boots, with a little something going on - these ticked all my boxes.

When the weather gets colder a good selection of boots is a must in every girls wardrobe, these Ruby studwork ankle leather look boots are doing me proud...I wear them with my skinny jeans, with dresses and particularly like them teamed with a smart work dress to add a little boho chick edge.

I have worn these boots a lot over the last few months, they look even better roughed up a bit and at just £40 they certainly have been good value for money. have an amazing selection of boots along with pages of clothing and accessories - I think this site may become one of my regular 'clicks' if my first purchases are anything to go by.


Unexpected Girl Crush - Nicole Scherzinger


I'm totally into the whole X-Factor thing and not ashamed to admit it, it's brilliant fun as far as I'm concerned, from the initial terrible auditions to Dermot's dancing (well Dermot full stop), the judges outfits, sniping, scandals and of course the amazing voices and talent.

This year I wasn't overly happy with the new choice of judge - Nicole Shirtswinger, I thought she was a diva and utterly annoying - how wrong was I! She is amazing, so funny and seriously down to earth considering she crazy star studded life she must lead.

Her Nicole-isms (Jahmazin), charm, her unashamed dance moves, undeniable beauty and then that amazing Boudiccia dress on Saturday night mean one thing for me - New Girl Crush!

Tulisa's okay and all but sometimes looks a little 'trailer trash' when put next to Nicole..perhaps something to do with her constant need to squash those puppies down to create more of a cleavage - really, really not a good look T. Lets hope some of Nicole's class seeps out and along that judges table ;0)



Mr Kate

Lust of the day

Mr Kate Creon unisex thick band ring in yellow and rose gold

Part of the Mr. Kate DAYS OF ORE Collection - View the online lookbook and video here, find out more about Kate’s inspiration for the collection here.


Drizzled in dew drops it doesn’t get much better than a stack of Creons in different colors of gold, they also pair beautifully with the Eir rings.

All Mr Kate jewellery is handmade in Los Angeles by designer and stylist Kate Albrecht who injects Fun, Exuberance, Youth and Personality into her designs - she aims to find the inner explorer in all of us!

You can find her creating daily content at her home base,, where she documents all of her creative pursuits, and presents her artfully produced product lines and also on her youtube channel  “TheMrKate“.

Rose Gold Creon ring at position 1 on my Christmas wish list :0)


Bobbi Brown Breast Cancer Campaign Blusher

While visiting my local Bobbi Brown counter to stock up on my trusty cover up life saver I had a little browse, as you do when your a make-up junkie such as myself and my eyes were drawn to the beautiful striking packaging of this wonderful Limited Edition Pink Peony Set.

The exclusive set has been launched in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bobbi will be donating £5 of each £35 sale to breast cancer research.

It's far more pink than I would usually wear in a blusher but it creates more of a youthful glow than my bronzer and you need hardly any so I expect it to last for ages.

Pink Peony features illuminating bronzing powder with an innovative blend of sheer powder and micro pearls to give skin a natural-looking glow. It comes in a sturdy mirrored compact with a mini face blender brush topped off with a bright pink handle.

It certainly is a fun way to put on your makeup and show your support to this very worthy cause.